Montana Economic Minute by Patrick Barkey, Director

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This week

June 17   Can An Economic Expert Convince You?
June 18   Housing Supply Skepticism
June 19   Can Housing Be Fixed?
June 20   Elasticity of Supply to the Rescue
June 21   What Covid Changes Have Stuck?

Last Week

June 10   The Useful Discipline of Markets
June 11   Green Energy Pricing Paradox
June 12   The Incentives of Research
June 13   The Montana 2030 Project
June 14   Electricity and Energy Reality

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News from Bureau

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The Economic Impact of Calumet Montana Refineries
An Assessment of the Potential Impacts of a Montana Low-Income Housing Tax Credit
BBER Study: Farmers Market Bring $17 Million to State
BBER Director Wins Prestigious National Award
BBER Study: Filming Yellowstone in Montana Brought $70 Million+ to State
BBER Associate Director''s Paper Published in Applied Economic Letter
We are hiring an economist
Economic Impact of Montana Hospitals
Montana''s High-Tech Industry
Montana World Trade Center Intermational Trade and Investment Survey 2020

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