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About the Program

BBER’s experienced, highly trained researchers use advanced data collection systems and techniques to conduct surveys for public and private sector clients. Our capabilities include phone surveys, mail questionnaires, and interactive online surveys with multimedia capabilities.

Research Team

For more than 30 years, the professionals in BBER’s Survey Research program have adhered to the rigorous standards set by the American Association of Public Opinion Researchers. Our team is led by Senior Economist Jim Sylvester and Director of Survey Research John Baldridge. See bios.


BBER’s advanced methods of study design, sample selection, and mathematical analysis ensure your data will pass demanding tests like publication in peer-reviewed journals, testimony before legislators, cross examination in court proceedings, and close scrutiny by the media or interest groups.

Publications and Projects

Backed by the resources of The University of Montana, BBER designs and conducts surveys in a variety of subject areas for respected government and corporate clients.