Bureau of Business and Economic Research

College of Business,
University of Montana

The Bureau of Business and Economic Research is a research department within the College of Business at the University of Montana, Missoula. We produce a variety of economic and industry data including annual economic forecasts for the United States as well as Montana, its industries, and counties. Five functional areas make up the Bureau of Business and Economic Research:

  1. Economic Analysis tracks the economic performance of all geographic areas in Montana.

  2. Forest Industry Research and Manufacturing Research focus special attention on these important industries in Montana and surrounding states.

  3. Health Care Industry Research examines markets, trends, industry structure, costs, and other high visibility topics to monitor the health status of Montanans.

  4. Publications, such as the Montana Business Quarterly, the Outlook Book and other reports, include research and data that help Montanans better understand the state's economic climate.

  5. The Survey Research Division regularly conducts research to gather local, state, and national economic data for both public and private sector studies.

The Bureau was founded in 1948 to monitor the state's economic and business conditions. Over the years we have expanded from a staff of four to a research department of 18 full-time employees and more than a dozen part-time workers.

Bureau data assists businesses, government agencies, and individuals across Montana. We field thousands of requests each year from people seeking information ranging from inflation rates to county demographics to business startup tips. This Web site was designed to provide you with information pertinent to Montana's economy. Don't hesitate to call on Bureau staff members to assist you.