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BBER Studies

The Bureau has been a reliable source of analysis and expertise on a wide range of industries important to the Montana economy, including transportation, manufacturing, electric and other utilities, as well as specific industries such as micro-brewing, snowmobiling and recreation, and gaming. The BBER has recently expanded its capabilities in conducting economic impact analysis, which can provide insights on how state and local economies will react to events, policies, and investments. These studies not only provide quantitative information on income, jobs, and production changes that can occur, but also help illustrate the interactions between sectors of the economy.

Montana Business Quarterly

Quarterly articles include groundbreaking and sometimes controversial Bureau research, state and local economic analyses and forecasts, up-to-date information about Montana’s major industries, and business reports and profiles.
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MT Kids Count Data Book

By providing policymakers and citizens with the best available data on the well-being of all children in our state, Montana Kids Count seeks to improve the lives and the futures of all our children. The annual Data Book provides detailed information on the status of Montana’s kids. These are available from the Montana Kids Count Web site.

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