Volume 57, Number 3, Fall  2019

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How Montanans Get Their News

The Treasure State Crosses the Mobile Media Divide


Bill Whitsitt

The latest survey on news media preferences found that Montanans have moved into the mobile device phase of the digital media age.

Renewed Medicaid Expansion Grows Montana's Economy

Could New Requirements Hurt Low-Income Residents?


Robert Sonora

Medicaid expansion has provided nearly $1.4 billion of health care to beneficiaries during its first two and half years.

Scientific Research's Multimillion-Dollar Economic Punch

The Economic Impact of University Research


Brandon Bridge

Montana University System research has a significant impact on the state?s economy, providing income, jobs and tax revenue.

How the Forest Industry Changed the Bitterroot Valley

The Impact of Timber Harvest Declines on the Ravalli County Economy


Patrick Barkey and Todd Morgan

What would the economy of Ravalli County look like today if timber harvests hadn?t declined?