Volume 48, Number 4, Winter  2010

The Electric Utility Industry

A Low-Cost and Low-Risk Electricity Strategy for the Future


Terry Morlan

Electricity drives many of the gains in productivity and convenience in our daily lives and a wider economy. But this progress comes at a price: Electricity generation is one of the major sources of criteria pollutants and greenhouse gases.

2011 Montana Legislative Preview


Shannon Furniss

The 2011 Montana legislative session promises to be particularly challenging, with changes in leadership and tough budget decisions to be made. Two Montana state senators, Republican Sen. Jim Shockley and Democratic Sen. Dave Wanzenreid, agree that the budget and the economy will be the overriding concern of the Legislature this session.

Low Rates of Reading Competency Could Slow Economic Growth


Thale Dillon

Being an accomplished reader is one of the most important markers for future academic success. Many of our nation's children struggle to learn how to read and continue struggling until they graduate from high school (or drop out), barely literate. In fact, the current pool of qualified high school graduates is neither large enough nor skilled enough to supply our nation's workforce.

Montana's Health Care Safety Net


Gregg Davis

The downturn in national and state economies has put more Montanans in jeopardy as jobs are lost and incomes fall. Community Health Centers offer a comprehensive array of primary health care services to medically underserved and disadvantaged populations. For many Montanans, they provide a safety net for health care services they could't afford anywhere else.