Volume 42, Number 2, Summer 


The BSE Threat: An In-Depth Look at What Montana's Experts Say


Amy Joyner

Most Americans feel safe eating beef, despite the nationwide health scare created last December when a cow tested positive for BSE - the first such report in this country. Montana experts discuss governmental regulations and consumer response to BSE, as well as an overview of beef pricing domestically, and in import and export markets.

Engineering Economy

Dealing with Risks and Uncertainty


Steve Holland

Because we can rarely guarantee that things will go as planned in business, we must ask ourselves: "What can go wrong?" Then we can create contingency plans or mitigate any risks.

Punitive Damages

Courts Set Limits to Restore Fair Play


Jerry Furniss, Jack Morton, and Mike Harrington

Between 1996 and 2001, the number of known punitive damage verdicts of $100 million or more doubled. There seemed no end to the claims or any limit to the judgements. So it was welcome news in 2003 when the U.S. Supreme Court handed down constitutional limits.

Montana Moves Up the Ranks In Per Capita Income


Paul Polzin

Montana's per capita income of $25,920 represented a 4.4. percent increase over 2002, the fifth largest increase in the nation. Although good news, the increase probably does not mean that Montana's persistent problem with low incomes and wages has been solved.