Logging & Hauling Cost Studies

Forest managers are constantly faced with the need to reliably estimate harvest costs. Because of the inherently variable conditions under which logging occurs, estimating costs inexpensively is challenging. Yet costs estimates for timber harvest are especially important as new treatments aimed at ecosystem restoration are developed. The Bureau conducts surveys on logging and hauling costs during alternate years to help managers develop cost estimates for various scenarios.

Estimated Trucking Costs Idaho and Montana, 2022 by Steven W. Hayes, Todd A. Morgan, Micheal J. Niccolucci

Region One Steep Slope Logging Cost Inquiry, 2022 by Steven W. Hayes, Todd A. Morgan, Micheal J. Niccolucci, Eric Simmons

Logging Cost Estimation for Idaho and Montana, 2020 (Presented to the 2020 Foresters Forum, Feb. 6, 2020, Coeur d'Alene, ID)

Below are posters which summarize the finding of these surveys:

The BBER has also published its findings in the following journal articles:

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