Volume 59, Number 3, Fall  2021

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Montana's Tourism Industry Rebounds Through the Pandemic

Travelers Set Records in State and National Parks


Carter Bermingham & Kara Grau

Despite the challenges of closed borders, schools and businesses, travelers set records in Montana's state and national parks.

Tackling Housing Affordability in Montana

What Are the Challenges Facing Our Housing Programs


Patrick M. Barkey and Brandon Bridge

With few affordable homes available for households earning a low income, many are being priced out of housing markets.

Resolving Montana's Labor Shortage

Is There Any End in Sight?


Patrick M. Barkey

Demand in the economy has roared back with unexpected speed, but employers are having trouble hiring back laid-off workers.

How Land Use Affects Montana's Economy

Do National Parks and Open Spaces Attract Economic Development?


Robert Sonora

Do counties with access to ski resorts, open space or national parks have greater economic growth and prosperity in the long run?