Volume 59, Number 2, Summer  2021

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High-Tech Soars Despite Pandemic

Montana's Tech Industry Hits Record $2.9 Billion in Revenue


Christina Quick Henderson

Montana's high-tech companies not only survived, but even benefited from the dynamics of a pandemic economy, generating more than $2.9 billion in revenue.

Food Insecurity Rose Steeply During the Pandemic

Food Banks Face Challenges in Serving a Record Number of Families


Daphne Herling

Food banks have been facing steep challenges in distributing food to a record number of people who fell into poverty and food insecurity due to the nationwide lockdown.

Implementing the National Environmental Policy Act on National Forests

A Review of U.S. Forest Service Land Management Accomplishments, Budget and Litigation


Todd A. Morgan, Michael J. Niccolucci and Eric Berg

A review of U.S. Forest Service land management accomplishments, budget and litigation since complying with the National Environment Policy Act.

Overcoming the Challenges of Going Global

A Survey of Small to Midsized Montana Firms in International Markets


Nader H. Shooshtari and Tim Manuel

There are a number of obstacles for small and midsized Montana firms to face when looking to expand into international markets.

The Myth of Montana's Housing Market Frenzy

Has COVID-19 Related Migration Spurred the Recent Rise in Home Prices?


Paul E. Polzin

Are concerns about a housing shortage and the inability of working families to find reasonably priced housing in Montana related to COVID-19 migration?