Volume 58, Number 2, Summer  2020

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The Economic Impact of COVID-19 in Montana

When Can We Expect a Recovery?


Patrick M. Barkey and Robert Sonora

The unprecedented declines in economic activity due to the pandemic have not spared Montana.

Missoula Housing Prices Soar

Home Prices See Largest Jump in a Decade


Brandon Bridge

Home prices in Missoula have seen their largest jump in a decade, making it harder for residents to find affordable living situations.

COVID-19 Creates Economic Uncertainty

What Does the Future Hold for Jobs and Reopening the Economy?


Robert Sonora

As states reopen their businesses, what does the future hold for jobs and the economy?

High-Tech Persists in the Wake of COVID-19

Montana?s Tech Leaders Anticipate Moderate Growth and a Promising Future


Christina Quick Henderson

Montana?s high-tech companies anticipate moderate growth and a promising future amid COVID-19.