Volume 58, Number 1, Spring  2020

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The Economic Impact of a Global Pandemic

Can We Expect a Recession?


Robert Sonora

Financial markets have been interrupted and workers are being furloughed. When can we expect a recession?

New Study Gauges Hutterite Economic Contributions

Hutterite Businesses Play a Significant Role in the State?s Economy


Patrick M. Barkey, George Haynes and Joel Schumacher

Hutterite businesses play a significant role in the state?s economy.

The Future of Work

How Will Montanans Participate in the Next Industrial Revolution?


Micheal Braun and Scott Latham

How we work is rapidly changing as we approach the fourth industrial revolution. What can Montanans expect in this new world of work?

Ending Youth Homelessness in Montana

The Battle to Provide Housing and Assistance


Daphne Herling

More than 1.5 million youth in the United States experienced homelessness during the 2017-18 school year. It?s the highest number recorded in over 10 years.