Volume 57, Number 2, Summer  2019

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Missoula's Income Disparity and Housing Troubles

A Growing Divide Between Homeowners and Renters


Scott Hawk and Brandon Bridge

There is a growing divide between homeowners and renters in Missoula. The percentage of renters who are cost-burdened climbed to 49 percent.

Youth Suicide in Montana


Daphne Herling

Montana persistently ranks in the top three states with the most youth who die by suicide ? and their method of choice is overwhelmingly firearms.

The U.S. Economy Remains Robust

Is a Recession Coming in 2019?


Robert Sonora

The U.S. economy continues to move into positive territory and the unemployment rate is at a near historic low. But is a recession coming in 2019?

Timber Jobs Matter

The Flawed Transition of Timber-Dependent Communities in Idaho


Paul E. Polzin

Conclusions from a Headwaters Economics report on timber-dependent communities in Idaho are incorrect ? analyzing the wrong variables and using the wrong statistical test.