Volume 57, Number 1, Spring  2019

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Facing the Challenge of Affordable Housing

Working Toward Solutions in Montana


Patrick M. Barkey

As we work toward solutions in Montana, high housing costs are emerging as a significant public policy issue.

Montana's Economy at a Glance


Paul E. Polzin

Each Montana community has its own unique economy. Take a look at the largest communities in the state, as we summarize their recent economic trends.

Homebuilding in Montana's Hot Markets

Assessing the Response of Builders to Higher Prices


Brandon Bridge and Patrick M. Barkey

Have builders and developers responded to higher home prices by expanding their supply of housing through new construction?

Fueling Energy Independence

Good News and Challenges for Montana


Bill Whitsitt

Montanans use more energy per capita than consumers in most other states and we spend more per person on energy overall.