Volume 56, Number 4, Winter  2018

What Happened to Montana's Forestry Jobs?


Todd Morgan, Michael Niccolucci and Paul Polzin

The trend in Montana's timber harvests, which has been dropping since the late 1980s, has been the major cause of declining employment and labor earnings in Montana's forest industry.

Entrepreneurship in Montana


Brandon Bridge and Scott Hawk

Montana has more entrepreneurs per capita than any other state and a business survival rate that ranks in the top 10.

The Rise of Short-Term Rentals


Norma P. Nickerson and Rhonda Fitzgerald

While Montana is facing an affordable housing crisis, it's also seen a surge in short-term rentals, limiting options for year-round residents.

Mining, Taxes and Jobs in Montana


Patrick M. Barkey

What would the economy of the state of Montana look like if the eight largest hard rock mines did not exist?