Volume 55, Number 4, Fall  2017

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Recreating the American Prairie

Developing Conservation, Tourism and Economic Opportunities in Northeast Montana


Jeremy Sage

Visitors flock to Montana for a multitude of reasons ? high among them is outdoor recreation. One group is creating a grassland reserve in northeast Montana to bring tourism and economic opportunities to the region.

World Economic Outlook


Paul E. Polzin

The overall world outlook is more positive than last year. Global economic growth is up for 2017 and will accelerate in 2018. Take a tour of the global economy with a summary of national and state trends.

Don't Tie Me Down

Public Opinion About Seat Belt Regulation in Montana


John Baldridge

Montana ranked third out 50 states in the most traffic fatalities per 100,000. Wearing a seat belt saves lives, yet the state does not have a primary seat belt law. Read the results of a public opinion poll about seat belt regulation in Montana.

Wildfire Emissions in Montana

Exploring Wildfire Management in CO2 Emission Reduction


Patrick M. Barkey and Todd A. Morgan

Could meaningful reductions in carbon emissions in Montana be accomplished in ways that are less costly in terms of jobs, incomes and economic production? An option that is rarely included in carbon policy discussions is wildfire management.