Volume 55, Number 2, Summer  2017

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How Montanans Get Their News


John Baldridge

The internet has evolved to become a common tool that Montanans use to consume news. This fundamental sea change in how we get information is having a sweeping effect on our culture - from the rise of fake news to the filter bubble that feeds and reaffirms our beliefs.

Montana's Gender Pay Gap


Daphne Herling

Fifty-eight percent of all women participate in the workforce, but are paid less than men, earning 77 percent of what men earn. Every state in the nation has an earnings gap, but Montana ranks near the bottom at 46th in the nation.

Missoula's Affordable Housing Crisis


Brandon Bridge

Missoula is a great place - the natural beauty and wealth of available activities are two aspects that have brought consistent population growth to the area. But a large proportion of Missoula households, both renters and owners, are financially burdened by the costs of housing.

Barriers to Women's Entrepreneurship


Bryce Ward

If you are a man, odds are you made it further through the pre-entrepreneurial process than if you are a woman. Women comprise only 33 percent of Montana's self-employed workers and only 18 percent of Montana's firms with employees are majority female owned.