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Volume 59, Number 1, Spring  2021

Montana''s Unaffordable Housing Crisis

A Shortage of Homes and Stagnant Incomes Widen the Divide


Brandon Bridge

The lack of affordable housing has been an increasingly difficult problem for many Montana communities. A shortage of homes and stagnant incomes have widened the divide.

Lumber Prices Skyrocket During Pandemic

Costs Soar Amid Construction and Remodeling Boom


Todd A. Morgan and Steve W. Hayes

A construction and remodeling boom has driven the demand for lumber and far exceeded the supply, causing lumber prices to rise all over the country.

The Economic Contributions of Montana Cooperatives

Cooperatives Employ Thousands and Make Montana''s Economy Significantly Larger


Patrick M. Barkey

Cooperatives have been part of the fabric of Montana nearly as long as we have been a state. They employ thousands and make Montana''s economy significantly larger.

Hospitals Make Sizable Impact on Montana''s Economy

Spending, Demand and an Aging Population Spur Growth


Robert Sonora

Montana''s health centers contribute a sizable, ongoing and permanent impact on the state''s economy. Spending, demand and an aging population are spurring growth.