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Volume 56, Number 2, Summer  2018

Buying Genuine Montana

What Does It Mean to Be Made in Montana?


Michael Braun, Benedetto Cannatelli and Simona Stan

There are a variety of products that bear the Made in Montana mark and it seems to be cropping up everywhere. But what does it mean to be Made in Montana?

Medicaid Expansion a Huge Success in Montana

A Health Care Program That Grows the Economy and Pays for Itself


Bryce Ward and Brandon Bridge

Medicaid expansion in Montana generates several thousand additional jobs and several hundred million dollars in additional income. It also pays for itself and grows the economy.

New Heights for High-Tech

Montana?s Tech Sector Is Stronger Than Ever


Christina Quick Henderson

Montana?s high-tech companies generated a record $1.7 billion in revenue in 2017 and are growing nine times faster than other sectors of the economy.

Struggling to Get Paid Time Off

Montana Falls Short in Providing Paid Family Leave


Daphne Herling

Twenty-five years ago, the Family and Medical Leave Act was passed to help working families, but today the law is no longer adequate.