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Volume 54, Number 2, Summer  2016

The Economic Contribution of Grizzly Athletics


Patrick M. Barkey

Intercollegiate athletics play a major role in colleges and universities, individual communities and American culture. Lean how University of Montana athletics impact the Missoula economy in visitor spending, jobs and personal income.

Editorial: What in the World is Going On?


Paul Polzin

The world is buzzing with the news of the United Kingdom?s withdrawal from the European Union (Brexit). Whatever the outcome it could not have come at a worse time. Take a tour of the global economy in the wake of Brexit.

Curse of the College Town


Bryce Ward

Look at any of the ?best places to live? lists and you will see many college towns. These small to mid-sized cities offer an appealing mix of amenities, but they also tend to offer something else ? a high cost of living and low wages, particularly for people with a college degree.

2020 Census Goes Digital


Kyle Morrill

The future is here ? the United States census is moving online to save money and make participation easier. Find out what?s in store, why the census is important and how Montana has changed since the last census in 2010.

Montana Lagging in Child Well-being


Thale Dillon

During the past few years, Montana families and children have experienced a range of positive developments, but these improvements have not changed existing disparity gaps. Montana ranks 24th out of 50 states in child well-being.