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Volume 52, Number 3, Autumn  2014

Economic Outlook Update

The Boom Begins to Slow


Patrick M. Barkey

As we assess Montana''s economy, new data call into question two trends: the stronger than average performance of our state economic and the natural resource boom that has played such an important part in that performance. There are signs that grow in Montana''s economy has been slowing, and it''s important to take these trends into account.

Economic Impact of Beer and Wine Distributors in Montana


Colin B. Sorenson and Patrick M. Barkey

A BBER study found that Montana''s beer and wine distributors are major contributors to the economy, with impacts throughout the state and across industry sectors.

Energy Boom

Surges in Every Sector


Paul E. Polzin

It''s not just people in energy industries who are benefiting from the oil boom. Workers in industries such as construction, professional services, and accommodations now have great employment opportunities and higher wages.

Off-Highway Vehicles in Montana

Popular and Growing Part of the Economy


James T. Sylvester

Montanans are enthusiastic owners and users of off-highway vehicles, with about 77,200 registered in 2013. They buy and register about 5,000 machines each year for fun and for work. The economic and recreational impacts of Montanans'' OHV activities are significant.