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Volume 52, Number 2, Summer  2014

Bicycle Tourism

Providing Economic Development Opportunities for Montana


Norma Polovitz Nickerson, Jake Jorgenson, Meredith Berry, Jane Kwenye, Daniel Kozel, and Jessica Schutz

Bicycle tourism is gaining momentum in Montana. In fact, it could be the new phenomenon in the travel industry. And it''s definitely an economic boon. Multiday bicyclists take longer to get anywhere, thereby showering the communities they stop in with outside dollars.

Montana Manufacturers Survey

Operating in Montana has Many Advantages


Steven W. Hayes, Todd A. Morgan, Charles E. Keegan III, Colin B. Sorenson, Shannon Furniss

Living a "Montana lifestyle" with access to recreational opportunities is one of the advantages of operating a business in Montana, according to respondents to BBER''s annual manufacturers survey.

"Tight Oil" Revolution

A Game Changer for Montana's Economy


Patrick M. Barkey

In 2005, less than 2 percent of U.S. crude oil was produced through horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. In 2013, the share was more than a third, and it continues to grow rapidly. The increases in gas production are no less startling. For a state like Montana, which sites astride the Bakken formation, it has been a sea change for the entire economy.

Early Childhood Education

Investment Brings Big Results


Jennifer Calder

Research on the return on investment in high-quality early childhood education shows short- and long-term savings of between $4 and $12 for every dollar invested. Though the evidence is overwhelming, Montana is one of the only eight states that does not provide funding for preschool.