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Volume 51, Number 3, Autumn  2013

Building Business Opportunities in Big Sky Country

An Interview with Governor Steve Bullock


MBQ Staff

Q&A with Governor Steve Bullock on statewide economic issues and plans for his first year as governor.

Montana's Economy

The Recession's Shadow Still Lingers


Patrick M. Barkey

Even as growth continues to spread and solidify across the state, important pieces of the economy remain far from healthy. The national economy will turn in a more sluggish growth performance this year. This and other global economic developments make us a bit more measured as we re-examine Montana''s growth prospects.

Migration and Montana's Changing Deomgraphics


Douglas J. Young and Grant Zimmerman

Migration had dramatic impacts on Montana during the past two decades, affecting the total population, its distribution between rural and urban areas, and composition by age, including school-age populations.

Is Oil the Next Gold Rush

North Dakota Experiences a Bigger Boom than Montana


Terry Johnson

North Dakota is experiencing an oil boom that has increased total U.S. oil production as well as sheltered the state from the economic impacts of the Great Recession. Montana doesn''t have as much oil development activity as North Dakota, but is experiencing impacts of the development in Western North Dakota.