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Volume 50, Number 2, Summer  2012

Entrepreneurship Meets Innovation

Q&A with Larry Gianchetta and Joe Fanguy


MBQ Staff

SoBA Dean Larry Gianchetta and Office of Technology Transfer Director Joe Fanguy discuss their partnership where business school faculty work with other faculty (often scientists) to create valuable products from university research.

Transportation Systems Key to Montana's Energy Future


Paul E. Polzin

While the energy boom is taking place in rural eastern Montana, 42 of Montana's 56 counties - including urban and western counties - are directly impacted by energy transportation systems.

The Working Poor


Thale Dillon

In Montana, 34 percent of working families are low income, or have household incomes below the federal poverty threshold of $18,530 for a three-person household.

Manufacturing Outllook

Modest Improvement and Employment Growth in Some Sectors


Steven W. Hayes, Charles E. Keegan III, Todd A. Morgan, Colin B. Sorenson

The Bureau survey of Montana manufacturers indicates a slight improvement in operating conditions for Montana manufacturers in 2011 compared to 2012.