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Volume 49, Number 3, Autumn  2011

Is Montana's Recovery at Risk?

Challenges Abound for State Economic Growth


Patrick M. Barkey

Even though the Montana economy has largely delivered the stronger growth that we predicted, it has not been fast enough to ease the apprehension shared by many that the recession is truly over.

The Affordable Care Act

Montana's Second Steps


Gregg Davis

Over the next decade, the Affordable Care Act transforms the health care landscape each year as new provisions take effect. This year, several provisions affect Medicare.

Hunger Issues Present Challenges for Families, Workforce, and Economy


Thale Dillon

An increasing number of people in Montana are living on the financial edge, where even a small change in a family situation can cause an immediate plunge into poverty. Food insecurity and hunger issues affect many Montana families.

Montana's Population Growth is Mostly in Western Counties


James T. Sylvester

Montana''s 2010 population of 989,415 shows an increase of 9.7 percent since 2000, bringing an addition of just more than 87,000 people to the state.