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Pacific Coast Temperate Forest Regional Timber Product Flow Analysis
Thale Dillon and Todd A. Morgan


Updating the Economic Contributions of Sibanye-Stillwater in Montana
Patrick Barkey Derek Sheehan


The Montana Economy In-Depth


The Economic Impact of Outdoor Recreation in Beaverhead County
Bureau of Business and Economic Research


The U.S. Economic Outlook - The Expansion Rolls on in 2022
Patrick M. Barkey


Implementing the National Environmental Policy Act on National Forests - A Review of U.S. Forest Service Land Management Accomplishments, Budget and Litigation
Todd A. Morgan, Michael J. Niccolucci and Eric Berg


Fueling Energy Independence - Good News and Challenges for Montana
Bill Whitsitt


What Happened to Montana's Forestry Jobs?
Todd Morgan, Michael Niccolucci and Paul Polzin


USDA Forest Service Region 1 2018 Social Survey - Methods Summary
Bureau of Business and Economic Research


The Future of Colstrip
Patrick M. Barkey


The Economic Impact of the Early Retirement of Colstrip Units 3 and 4
Patrick M. Barkey


Recovering from the Mountain Pine Beetle - The Impact on Sawmills and Forest Products in Montana
Dan Loeffler and Nathaniel Anderson


Wildfire Emissions in Montana - Exploring Wildfire Management in CO2 Emission Reduction
Patrick M. Barkey and Todd A. Morgan


Recreating the American Prairie - Developing Conservation, Tourism and Economic Opportunities in Northeast Montana
Jeremy Sage


The High Wage Jobs Puzzle
Bryce Ward

Montana Business Quarterly Volume 55, No. 1      

Oregon's Forest Products Industry and Timber Harvest 2013 with Trends Through 2014
Eric A. Simmons, Micah G. Scudder, Todd A. Morgan, Erik C. Berg, and Glenn A. Christensen


Measuring the Benefits of the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program for Local Communities in Northeast Washington - FY2012 -2015
Chelsea P. McIver


Curse of the College Town
Bryce Ward

Montana Business Quarterly Volume 54, No. 2      

Oil & Natural Gas - A New Technology Paradigm?
Terry Johnson and Bill Whitsitt

Montana Business Quarterly Volume 54, No. 1      

Montana Statewide Media Habits Survey 2015
BBER Survey Research Staff; Nicole McCleskey, Public Opinion Strategies


Understanding Costs and Other Impacts of Litigation of Forest Service Projects: A Region One Case Study
Todd A. Morgan and John Baldridge


Restoration of National Forests Benefits Local Communities
Chelsea P. McIver

Montana Business Quarterly Volume 53, No. 2      

Forest Management Capacity in the Southwest Crown of the Continent, Montana (Poster)
Chelsea P. McIver


Building Business Opportunities in Big Sky Country - An Interview with Governor Steve Bullock
MBQ Staff

Montana Business Quarterly Volume 51, No. 3      

Measuring Local Contractor Participation in the SW Crown of the Continent CFLRP project, Montana (Poster)
Chelsea P. McIver


The Mountain Pine Beetle in a Changing Climate - What Does it Mean for Montana's Forests?
Diana L. Six

Montana Business Quarterly Volume 50, No. 4      

Green Business - Reducing Carbon Footprint Cuts Costs and Provides Opportunities
Lisa Swallow and Jerry Furniss

Montana Business Quarterly Volume 49, No. 2      

Montana Off-Highway Vehicles 2008
James T. Sylvester


Determinants of Trust for Public Lands: Fire and Fuels Management on the Bitterroot National Forest
Adam Lijeblad, William T. Borrie, and Alan E. Watson


Global Warming - Unexpected Impacts on Montana's Economy
Shannon Furniss

Montana Business Quarterly Volume 45, No. 2      

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