Montana Economic Minute by Patrick Barkey, Director

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This week

January 23   Regulation -- A Simpler Approach
January 24   A Rational Look at Health Care Reform
January 25   Unplugging the Housing Subsidies One by One
January 26   What is the Real Objective of Net Metering?
January 27   Montana's Two-Legged Tax Stool

Last Week

January 16   The Puzzle of the Montana Economy
January 17   Why We Can't Pay for Infrastructure
January 18   Thin Ice for Government Debt
January 19   Experimenting with Wages
January 20   The Politics of Carbon Regulation

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News from Bureau

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Montanans' Internet News Sources and Use Survey
The Coninuing Economic Impact of Craft Brewing in Montana
BBER is hiring an Economist and Director of Forecasting
New Kids Count Databook 2016 & New Website
Four Corners Timber Harvest & Forest Products Industry, 2012
New - Montana Economic Report
2016 Montana High Tech Business Sector Study
BBER is hiring a Publications Director
2015 Missoula Area Transportation Study: Final Report
Economic Implications of Implementing the EPA Clean Power Plan in Montana

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