Montana Economic Minute by Patrick Barkey, Director

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This week

February 22   Limited Government
February 23   My Model Blew Up
February 24   Electricity is Too Important to be Left to Regulators
February 25   Covid and Climate Change
February 26   A Recession Like No Other

Last Week

February 15   Language and Logic in Tax Debates
February 16   About Those States Running Deficits
February 17   Ebbs and Flows of Covid and Complacency
February 18   A Benefit-Cost Analysis of Mask Usage
February 19   The Long Reach of Demographics

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News from Bureau

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BBER releases Affordable Housing in Montana Study
Article on Our Inadequate Child-Care Study
GDP Decline Not As Large In Second Quarter
Understand public opinion polls for the November elections
Article: Patrick Barkey Discusses Economy Amid COVID-19 Upticks
Read our Study in the Journal of Forestry
NBC Montana Article on Our Updated Covid-19 Economic Impact
Recent Unemployment Rates from the Labor Department
Missoulian Article on Our Updated Economic Outlook
COVID-19 Analysis & Information

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