Montana Economic Minute by Patrick Barkey, Director

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This week

January 14   Too Much Negative News?
January 15   Is Home Affordability Getting Worse?
January 16   A Closer Look at Housing Prices
January 17   Facing the Challenge of Affordable Housing
January 18   Bozeman is Now the State's Second Largest Economy

Last Week

January 7   What Will the Next Recession Look Like?
January 8   Evaluating Workplace Wellness Programs
January 9   Why is Productivity in Construction So Stagnant?
January 10   Health Care Growth is Back
January 11   We are Still Learning about Oil Markets

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News from Bureau

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Timber Harvest Economic Impact Declines in Ravalli County
Contribution of Hardrock Mining to Montana Economy
2018 Economic Report
2017 Bureau of Business and Economic Research Annual Report
Emeritus Director Presents National Award Named After Him for Best Paper
BBER Wins Prestigious National Award
2016 Montana Manufacturing Survey
Contribution of Grizzly Athletics to the Missoula Economy
Montanans' Internet News Sources and Use Survey
The Coninuing Economic Impact of Craft Brewing in Montana

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