Montana Economic Minute by Patrick Barkey, Director

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This week

June 1   When the Money Runs Out
June 2   Getting Spending Priorities Straight
June 3   Unconventional Data in the Spotlight
June 4   Wish Lists and Reality
June 5   The Cost of Postponing Health Care

Last Week

May 25   Chinas Economic Demise
May 26   Destination Montana
May 27   Promises Made, Promises Kept
May 28   Infrastructure Neglect
May 29   Rockefeller All Over Again

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News from Bureau

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Article on 50% Job Losses to MT Tourism Industry
Read our Study in the Journal of Forestry
NBC Montana Article on Our Updated Covid-19 Economic Impact
Recent Unemployment Rates from the Labor Department
View the Covid-19 Economic Impact Discussion with Dr. Barkey and the MT Chamber
Missoulian Article on Our Updated Economic Outlook
COVID-19 Analysis & Information
2020 Montana Child Care Survey
Economic Outlook Seminar Press Release
2019 News Media Study

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