Montana Economic Minute by Patrick Barkey, Director

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This week

January 20   The Case for Big Deficits
January 21   Patents for Products, Not Ideas
January 22   Do Low Tax Rate States Grow Faster?
January 23   A New Idea for Student Loans
January 24   Social License to Operate

Last Week

January 13   Do Taxes Explain Where People Move?
January 14   Montanas Tax Adequacy
January 15   King for a Day on Tax Policy
January 16   Taxes and Trust
January 17   What Will We Need Taxes For?

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News from Bureau

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Economic Outlook Seninar Press Release
2019 News Media Study
BBER invites applications for a Fiscal Officer/Office Manager
Economic Impact of Medicaid Expansion in Montana 2019
Profile of MT High Tech Industries
Timber Harvest Economic Impact Declines in Ravalli County
Contribution of Hardrock Mining to Montana Economy
2018 Economic Report
2017 Bureau of Business and Economic Research Annual Report
Emeritus Director Presents National Award Named After Him for Best Paper

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