Staff Directory


Patrick Barkey


Paul Polzin

Bureau Director Emeritus


Forest Industry and Manufacturing Research

Todd Morgan


Steve Hayes

Research Forester

Erik Berg

Research Forester

Eric Simmons

Research Associate

Kate Marcille

Research Associate

Dan Loeffler

Research Associate/Economist

Philip Williams

Graduate Research Assistant

Dorian Smith

Research Associate

Thomas Donahue

Research Associate

Bob Campbell

Senior Database Administrator/Programmer


Health Care Research

Thale Dillon

Director, Montana Kids Count

Jennifer Calder

Outreach Coordinator, Montana Kids Count


Survey Research

John Baldridge

Director of Survey Research

Brandon Bridge

Economist/Director of Forecasting

Janet Stevens

Survey Research Field Coordinator

Ramona Alspaugh

Senior Interviewer


Energy Research

Terry Johnson



Publications and Outreach

Scott Hawk

Publications Director

Megan Elensky

Event Planner/Interim Marketing Director