Montana Quarterly Log Prices

Under the sponsorship of the Inland Northwest Forest Products Research Consortium, the Bureau maintains a system to provide current mill-delivered prices for logs in Montana. These prices are based on quarterly surveys of Montana timber-processing plants.

Montana Wage & Production Reports

To provide up-to-date information about the operations of Montana’s forest products industry, the Bureau, in cooperation with the Inland Northwest Forest Products Research Consortium, maintains a system to report lumber employment, wages, and production. This information, based on a survey of Montana’s largest timber-processing facilities, is reported quarterly.

Logging & Hauling Cost Studies

The Bureau conducts ongoing logging and hauling cost surveys to characterize Montana and north Idaho timber harvest costs.

Workforce & Employment Research

Forestry workers and businesses are a critical component of the forest industry, providing the labor and expertise to produce goods and manage our natural resources. Understanding the capacity to meet current and future demands and the barriers and challenges forestry businesses face are essential to maintaining a strong industry across all segments of the supply chain. The BBER also tracks the economic contribution of the industry at the state and regional level.